Brunch menu

Available Saturday & Sunday
10am to 1pm

A Dose of Spirituous Liquor

The head bartender at the Savoy Hotel in the 1920s, thought it was a ‘great necessity of the age’  to develop some kind of ‘anti-fogmatic, eye opener, bracer, corpse reviver or morning glory’ to be drunk before 11am,  or whenever steam and energy are needed. With that in mind why not start your day with one of the following tipples.

Bloody Mary Absolut vodka, Big Tom tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco and Sriracha  9
Make it alcohol free with Strykk Not Vodka

Mimosa Prosecco and orange juice  8.75

Flat White Martini Absolut vodka, Baileys and sugar syrup shaken with espresso coffee  9.25

Peach Bellini Prosecco and peach purée  8.5

Yoghurt & Homemade Granola

Toasted almond, cranberry, toasted seven seeds  7

maple syrup granola with honey yoghurt, forest berries, blueberry compote Toasted pecan, apricot, toasted seven seeds, maple syrup granola with turmeric spiced honey yoghurt, mango chunks, mango compote, coriander  7.5

Sourdough Toasts

Smashed avocado & poached free range eggs  9.5

Wild mushroom & truffle  9

Maple glazed smoked streaky bacon & scrambled free range eggs  9

Buttermilk Pancakes

Poached English pear, raspberries &  raspberry syrup. 9.5

Maple glazed smoked streaky bacon & butter  10

Flat Iron Steak & Eggs
Fried bashed potatoes, chilli ketchup, cripsy fried free-range egg  11

The Signature

Old spot sausage, fried free range eggs, maple glazed smoked streaky bacon, roast balsamic flat mushrooms,  confit plum tomato, hash brown, baked beans, sourdough toast & butter. 12.5

The Signature Garden

Grilled halloumi, smashed & seeded avocado, poached free range eggs, roast balsamic flat mushrooms,  confit plum tomato, hash brown, baked beans, sourdough toast & butter. 12.5

A Little Extra

Maple glazed streaky bacon, old spot sausage, fried, poached or scrambled egg, grilled halloumi, smashed avocado, fried bashed potatoes – All 2 each

Balsamic flat mushroom, confit plum tomato, baked beans, sourdough toast & butter – All 1.5 each

Hot Drinks

Semi-Skimmed, Oat or Coconut Milk Available 

Tea  2.5

English Breakfast
Earl Grey
Lemongrass & Ginger
Red Berry


Americano  3
Espresso single  2,   double  3
Cappuccino  3.5
Caffè Latte  3.5
Flat White  3

Add a Syrup (hazelnut, vanilla, caramel)  5

Hot Chocolate  4
Marshmallows, whipped cream