Campari –  Negroni

Brighten up your weekend with Campari



Ready In:

5 mins



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About the Campari

Its story begins in 1860 when Gaspare Campari purchases a small bar in Novara “the coffee of friendship” where the recipe for Campari comes from, which has remained unchanged ever since. Two years later, the headquarters moves from Novara to Milan, where Caffè Campari opens. After his death, the reins of the company go to his wife and then pass into the hands of his son Davide who opens the Camparino in 1915.
In 1919 he sells both the Campari bar and the Camparino to focus exclusively on the production of beverages.


  • 50 cl Gin
  • 50 cl Sweet vermouth
  • 50 cl Campari

    In 1932, he created a mix to be drunk comfortably at home, a mix of Campari and soda and thus the home aperitif: the Campari soda was born.

    When Davide Campari opens Camparino he does so with the aim of re-modernising the Campari image, which he manages to do with the help of the Futurism movement.
    In the 1920s and 1930s, thanks to his meeting with the artist Fortunato Depero, he designed the bottle of Campari Soda, a new addition at that time.
    In the 70s, Carlo Fisanotti conceived the new Campari advertising campaign involving many artists including Fellini, who did not like the idea of ​​an advertising spot in the middle of a film, but seeing the final result was fascinating.

    As bitter as it is versatile, even for those with different bitter tastes, you can choose from many drinks and cocktails that contain Campari. Just think of a good American, where you can feel the bitterness of Campari “dampened” by the sweetness of vermouth, to obtain a good result you must respect the doses, so as not to unbalance the cocktail. Mix and garnish first with lemon zest alongside its essential oils and then add a slice of orange.

    Step by Step Instructions

    Step 1

    Take a tumbler and fill it with ice cubes.

    Step 2

    Poor 50 cl Campari .

    Step 3

    Poor 50cl Gin.

    Step 4

    Poor 50cl Sweet Vermouth

    Step 5

    Stir a little and garnish with an orange peel.