Aperol Spritz

“Of course I drink water. Soda water, that is. Mixed with prosecco and Aperol, and an orange slice as a garnish.”



Ready In:

5 mins



Good For:



About the Aperol Spritz

Created by the Barbieri brothers in 1912 right after having inherited a liquor company founded in 1880, in 1919 it was officially presented at the Padua trade fair.


F. Barbieri changed ownership and became Barbero 1891 later acquired by Campari in 2003.



  • 1/3 Aperol
  • 1/3 Prosecco or White wine
  • 1/3 Soda water or Seltz

    After the war Aperol prospers, as a low alcoholic drink loved by everyone, that bright colour will soon become his signature, and it will begin to appear on bar posters and billboards that invite you to drink Aperol as an aperitif. In the 1950s it was added to what was the traditional Venetian spritz, bringing with it a new recipe, thus becoming the most popular spritz. In more recent times, IBA official drink. The invention of television, and the arrival of the Carousel – a viral programme of the time-, created the perfect mix for its rapid spread, as it was “broadcasted” in one of the very few television channels existing at that time.

    In the 1980s, a personalised advertisement was created, while in the 1990s the artist Lorenzo Mattotti created a series of paintings representing people drinking the Aperol Spritz. The female figure is very important in these paintings as it was also allowed for ladies to drink it, even though during that time it wasn’t socially acceptable for women to drink beverages with a strong alcohol base.

    In 2000, Aperol sponsored the exhibition at the Peggy Guggenheim Museum in Venice with an immersive event where you could sip your Spritz and stroll around between a Picasso and a Kandinsky. After the acquisition by Campari, in 2010 it returned to television with a viral advertising campaign, changing the Spritz Aperol concept as a ready to drink at home in a revamped bottle version.


    Step by Step Instructions

    Step 1

    Take a wine glass and fill it with ice cubes.

    Step 2

    Poor 1/3 of Aperol .

    Step 3

    Poor 1/3 of Prosecco or white wine.

    Step 4

    Top up with soda water or Seltz.

    Step 5

    Garnish with an olive and a slice of orange.